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Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval

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Our bodies are always striving for natural healthy balance and yet we all hold on to trauma, pain, disappointment and more. In fact our bodies hold on to every single life experience and store them at our deepest cellular level. Even when we think we have dealt with a negative experience, it may have been partly released by tears, tantrums and talking, although in reality most of it is held in every single one of our trillions of cells.

If negative emotions are not released they become highly toxic and can lead to cellular degeneration, this manifests in a number of ways including inappropriate anger, destructive behaviour, weight gain or loss, levels of fear that hold us back in life stopping us being authentic and achieving our highest potential. It is also exhausting to hold on to all of this damage. Ultimately, life-threatening disease can develop as a result of an emotional root that has been allowed to become rampant.

"During these deeply relaxing sessions I guide you into a gentle meditation. Then, when you are ready you can explore your cellular memories in a safe, confidential and sacred space whilst I help you to make sense of what comes up to be dealt with. You may be surprised by what emerges when you allow thoughts to be released and focus entirely on what is happening in your body rather than in your mind. You can then release swathes of unwanted, destructive and toxic memories, freeing the space that they formerly occupied to be filled by a joyous and energising sense of peaceful well-being. This deeply rejuvenating experience releases your inner radiance and sets you free, free to become your best possible you, vibrantly healthy and energised with a peaceful mind and a joyous heart."

Clients Comments:

"When I first had the pleasure of meeting Chrissy White, she briefly explained the work that she does and her experience in the art of Shamanic Healing. I have long believed in the ability of the human mind to control pain and to make life changing alterations to behaviour. I frequently utilise NLP and hypnotic techniques both in my professional and personal life.

I have to say however, that nothing I have done before comes anywhere near the powerful effects that I have now experienced after one session with Chrissy. In a totally relaxed, private and confidential environment I was guided through a process which released negative energy, leaving space for a completely different and invigorating energy source. Instead of burdening myself with the stresses and strains of what I considered to be my normal life, I was almost instantly able to focus on the positives and give clarity to the things that really matter.

I'm not talking about abandoning responsibilities and becoming self indulgent, far from it. In fact the effect on my family life and business was immediate and positive. Amazing changes happened and I can only put this down to the fresh energy I now emit to the outside world, which in turn is attracting positive outcomes.

Without question I would recommend Chrissy White, she absolutely understands her profession and is totally professional in every way."

Kevin Charlton
Managing Director Steer Development (Performance Management)

"Chrissy's Shamanic Healing session was a really restoring experience. Afterwards I felt like myself again as though a huge weight had been lifted. Prior to the session I had been suffering from worrying amounts of hair loss; this was remedied immediately! But more importantly I feel I've shed a skin of anxiety that I didn't even know I had. Chrissy is an amazing, patient, kind person and the aftercare is just as thorough as the actual session. I cannot recommend the session highly enough."

Bina Chauhan
Will Consultant

"Chrissy is a very empathetic and sensitive healer. I felt as if I was being transported to another time and place and afterwards became very much clearer and focussed on forward thinking and planning my life. I found it much easier to find my passion and go for what makes me happy in every moment. Chrissy invites you on a journey to your soul.... a privileged and sensitive chance to make happy shifts in your being and your life thereafter.

Teresa Thornbermann
Royal Ballet School ~ Former Professional Dancer now working in the City.


Individual sessions with Chrissy are available at the Harley Street Healthcare Clinic, 104 Harley Street, London W1G 7JD

A 90 min session is £295

For more details and to book a session please contact Chrissy:


Mobile: 07803 050344

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